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  • SeeHR - a job placement company in cybersecurity and software development

SeeHR - a job placement company in cybersecurity and software development

SeeHR, a job placement company in the world of information and cyber security, offers  career opportunities in the fields of infrastructure, system, communication, information and cyber security, as well as software development and research for cyber entities. As part of the See Cyber Group of companies, we work with entities in the world of high-tech/startups, finance, industry, consulting, security and more.

  • See Secure Consulting - a Cyber monitoring and consulting company

See Secure Consulting - a Cyber monitoring and consulting company

The See Group has built a synergistic complex of knowledgeable cybersecurity solutions. The consulting company is a major part of the group activities. It is based on in-house consultants, on experts who advise and lecture at the college, and on niche experts related to the group for the cybersecurity industry. In addition, the consulting company accepts into its ranks some of the outstanding students of the study programs at the college. The company is active in Israel as well as all over the world. The company also offers Siem-SOC as a Service cybersecurity event monitoring services.

More about the cyber monitoring and consulting company


Managed SIEM

Monitoring the existing system at client's site - as a service.

See-Secure's SOC center operates 24/7 and monitors cybersecurity events.

Meets all the strict security standards.

Full availability.

Legal remediation is detected on an ongoing basis.

Characterization of unique attack and anomaly scenarios for each client.


Monitoring and control center

SOC (Security Operation Center) - responsible for every security aspect in the organization, starting with the physical security layer and ending with information security and cyber security in order to give a comprehensive view of the security situation in the organization 24/7.

In the See-Secure's SOC center, there are controllers who look at and supervise the events 24/7, at the same time there is an organized team of skilled analysts, whose goal is to monitor and improve the organization's security situation, while preventing, identifying, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity events with the help of advanced technology, well defined procedures.

See-Secure's analysts team is a group experts in their field, with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with complex communication environments.

A SOC center that guards every facet of the organization, around the clock, is crucial for information security in the company, and fortunately, is much more accessible and attainable even in small and medium-sized organizations, to gain control over the cybersecurity situation in real time.


Monitoring client's environment

Service content:

As part of the service and in accordance with the service package, the following will be provided:

Step 1

  • Moving on to the Playbook for learning the client's environment
  • Going over the definition of rules and correlations that exist in the client's environment
  • Characterization of scenarios according to the recommendations of the monitoring center and the client's requirements
  • Alert severity setting
  • Monitoring of all the defined systems.

Step 2

  • Identification and notification of information security incidents after risk assessment
  • Analysis of suspicious events and information
  • Periodic reports - production of weekly reports, and event reports
  • Answering questions and updates through the control center
  • A POC who is in regular contact with the contacts at the client
  • Monthly meeting, going over the client's environment and recommendations from See-Secure's cybersecurity experts



IR - cybersecurity incidents response team

IR (Security Incident Response): The process of identifying, removing, and remediating an existing serious security incident. These services are used when there is a serious violation that has been identified, causing damage, and disrupting the business routine.

The response time is crucial in dealing with a security incident. Our service approach guarantees quick identification, identification of compromised systems and information, mitigation, and repair proposals to improve resilience, and prevent a similar future compromise.

Incident response consists of:

Initial Response: As a first step, we review existing evidence, assess security control updates, and perform an initial assessment to prepare an appropriate test and response strategy.

Investigation: Create visibility across the network and endpoints for investigating suspicious behavior, searching for adversary activity, isolating compromised accounts, identifying data, system, and network assets.

Containment and prevention: After identifying the timeline of the activity, the systems affected in the networks and harmful activity, we start working alongside the team towards containment of the incident. We will continue to monitor the attacker's activity, as we see fit (disconnect him quietly or isolate him). Once done, we focus on removing traces of malware and tools, resetting credentials and mitigating exploited vulnerabilities.

Rehabilitation and recovery: Successful rehabilitation involves full eradication and full return to business production.

Scope of services:

  • Building a client portfolio that will be used as initial information to speed up the response time.
  • Once a quarter follow-up and status meeting (two hours).
  • The company will be available 24/7 for any security incident that requires a team response and provide the relevant professionals to respond.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Penetration tests

Without basic information about the client for the attacker, some of the working hours are intended for the research phase before the penetration.

Providing basic information about the customer to the attacker, saving working hours of the Research phase.

The client will define the connection point of the attacker: internal / external to the client's website. via the Other / Remote Access / WEB

Application / System / Networks / Protocols.

The customer will define the level and technological ability of the testing intruder. The definition of his technological skills expresses the nature of the typical potential intruders against whom the client seeks to defend. The scale of possibilities: from the casual and unskilled attacker (Script Kiddy) to an information security expert / skilled attacker who performs thorough work using a wide range of tools.

The customer will define the type of attackers that, in his opinion and based on his experience, constitute a relatively more threatening factor (customers/partners/users of a certain type, etc.)

The customer will define requested milestones in advance.

The customer will define the point / space of points in the internal network that the attacker must make a special effort to attack, in a scale that expresses the organizational priorities.

The customer will define in advance the scope of the items in the report that will be submitted to him, in terms of quantity and depth.

Information leakage Prevention, accompanying examination of DLP solutions

הגנה על נתוני לקוחות ונתונים רגישים אחרים מפני הדלפות מידע בשוגג או בזדון היא אחד מאתגרי אבטחת המידע העיקריים העומדים כיום בפני ארגונים. נוסף על בעיה זו, מנהלי אבטחה תמיד נדרשים להגן על מידע בהתאם לדרישות רגולטוריות וארגוניות מחמירות, תחת לחצים מלקוחות ומתחרים ,ובהתחשב בעלויות ובהיקפים ההולכים וגדלים של דליפות מידע.

הגנה על עמדות הקצה, הן מפני מזיקים ואין מפני דלף מידע, בין מחשבים ארגוניים או מחשבים ניידים וציוד אלחוטי וסלולארי.

הגנה על עמדות הקצה, הן מפני מזיקים ואין מפני דלף מידע, בין מחשבים ארגוניים או מחשבים ניידים וציוד אלחוטי וסלולארי.

הגנה על מרחב הרשת, הן בהיבטי תקשורת והן מבחינת מעבר מידע בין רכיבי הרשת השונים, אמצעי זיהוי ואכיפה של מדיניות מונעת, או מתריעה.

ניהול הרשאות וזכויות משתמשים על קבצי הארגון ומניעת הוצאת מידע למקורות מחוץ לארגון על בסיס הרשאות.

הגנה על המידע מפני הוצאה לא חוקית של המידע, זיהוי התנהגות אנומלית של מערכות/משתמשים בתוך הארגון.

מניעת חיבור של התקנים לא מורשים לארגון לטובת מניעת משיכת מידע או הגנה על המידע.

Awareness - increase employee awareness special program

מודעות העובדים לאיומים ולסיכונים, משפיעה על מוכנות הארגון להתמודדות כנגד איומי זליגת מידע ,המשאב האנושי הינו גורם מרכזי בהגנה על המידע.

חברת שיא סקיור בשיתוף חברת שיא סקיוריטי מספקת לארגונים מגוון תכנים של סדנאות וימי עיון לטובת הגברת מודעות העובדים.

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