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About the curriculum

CISSP certification for senior cyber protection experts

You have been dreaming for years to conquer this peak, and you are not doing it. CISSP certification will be reflected in your wages, benefits your family, recognition of you.


What does it take to join the world's ordained authority?

To decide. Not to repeatedly reject your decision, because the delay also has financial meaning. Sit down. Go back to the school bench with our help, with all my heart.


More and more employers require this certification as a threshold requirement (check employee search sites). To be CISSP in the world = to meet the industry’s requirements for quality and respectable jobs.


The preparatory course is the most in-depth and up to date, for information security concepts and industry best practices.

These courses are held all over the world in a uniform format, which allows lecturers to examine the abilities and knowledge of the students by comparison, and to complete the existing barriers of knowledge before the test.

The official (ISC)2 courses are available all over the world with the help of representatives of the organization, including the See Security Authorized Education Affiliates College).

The course materials are planned and updated for each date of the course to reflect well the changes in the industry and therefore the tests themselves.

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Program Benefits

  • (ISC)2 official lecturers.
  • (ISC)2's rich and up-to-date official materials.
  • Real mentoring for a new role / development plan.
  • Endorsement process assistance.
  • Right to repeat the course.
  • No entanglement with the organization and its rules!
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Program Purpose

To pass the CISSP certification test, the highest proof of abilities in the field of cybersecurity architecture and GRC specialist (methodologies).


Review the material: Highlight the important issues and focus on complex concepts, while locating each candidate’s personal weaknesses.


Test preparation: types of questions, nature of questions, work methods, tips for success.


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Target Audience

Experienced cyber protection professionals, actual cyber/CISO managers.

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Format and nature of studies

40 academic hours, twice a week between 17:30 and 21:00. Online Studies.

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9,500NIS + 400NIS registration fee

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About (ISC)2

In 1989, a non-profit organization, The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. was established. (ISC)2 for the promotion of training and certification of the world's information security professionals. Certification indicates knowledge in the fields of information security, technology and organizational. The CISSP certificate is issued after the proof of broad control of the information security world.


One of the key points that sets CISSP apart from the rest of the certifications in the world of information security is the broad knowledge that must be presented to pass the certification test. The CISSP certificate has created a significant advantage in the world of information security professionals and is now highly appreciated by organizations in the US and Europe. In presenting this certification, information security personnel prove the highest level of control in the information security world.


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See Security College is the only one that is authorized to market the original course on its materials in Israel and is the sole official representative of Organization (ISC)2.

The relevant teaching materials for the test are not transferred by us to any other party. The lecturer is a certified lecturer of (ISC)2. Tips are relevant for the upcoming test.

(ISC)2 is struggling with the misleading actions of the organization in Israel and around the world and does not hesitate to act in legal ways against misleading violators, and against entities that have avoided a comprehensive copyright review!

The exclusive letter of approval on behalf of (ISC)2, here



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Study Divisions

To qualify for this cybersecurity certification, you must have:

  • At least five years of cumulative, paid work experience
  • Work experience must be in two or more of the eight domains of the (ISC)2-CISSP
  • Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)

Learn more about CISSP Experience Requirements in the next section.

Don’t have the required work experience yet?

Pass the CISSP exam to earn an Associate of (ISC)2 designation. Then, you’ll have up to six years to earn your required work experience for the CISSP.

To schedule an exam, you must create an account at Pearson VUE.

Pearson VUE is the leading provider of global, computer-based testing for certification and licensure exams. You can find details on testing locations, policies, accommodations and more on their website.

Once you’ve set up your account and are ready to register, you’ll need to:

  • Complete the Examination Agreement. You agree to the truth of your assertions regarding professional experience. You also legally commit to the adherence of the (ISC)² Code of Ethics.
  • Review the Candidate Background Questions.
  • Pay the exam fee.

This is the day to show your greatness! You’ll have 3 hours to complete a maximum of 150 exam items on the CISSP exam.

You must pass the exam with a scaled score of 700 points or greater.

NOTE: The (ISC)² CISSP English exam will be conducted via Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) only.

If you are taking the CISSP exam in any language other than English, you will be evaluated using a linear, fixed-form exam based on the same exam content outline. You will have a maximum of 6 hours to complete 250 exam items.

Let’s say you pass the exam. Then what?

Before this cybersecurity certification can be awarded, you have to:

  • Subscribe to the (ISC)² Code of Ethics.
  • Have your application endorsed.

  • Your endorsement form must be completed and signed by an (ISC)² certified professional. He or she needs to be an active member who can confirm your professional experience.
  • (ISC)² can endorse you if you can’t find a certified individual.
  • You have nine months from the date of the exam to complete these steps. If you don’t, you have to retake the exam to get certified.

Introduction, CTG Chapter 1:

  • Introduction
  • The Information Security Environment.


CTG Chapter 2:

  • Information Asset Security.


CTG Chapter 3:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM).


CTG Chapter 4:

  • Security Architecture and Engineering.


CTG Chapter 5:

  • Communications and Network Security.


CTG Chapter 6:

  • Software Development Security.


CTG Chapter 7:

  • Securitry Assessment and Training.


CTG Chapter 8:

  • Security Operations.


CTG Chapter 9:

  • Putting it all Together.


ADVANCE your Security Career

It's time to prove to the world that you are real cyber experts!

More Info

(ISC)² has introduced Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) for all English CISSP exams worldwide. Based on the same exam content outline as the linear, fixed-form exam, CISSP CAT is a more precise and efficient evaluation of your competency. CISSP CAT enables you to prove your knowledge by answering fewer items and completing the exam in half the time.


How Does it Work?

Each candidate taking the CISSP CAT exam will start with an item that is well below the passing standard. Following a candidate’s response to an item, the scoring algorithm re-estimates the candidate’s ability based on the difficulty of all items presented and answers provided. With each additional item answered, the computer's estimate of the candidate’s ability becomes more precise – gathering as much information as possible about a candidate’s true ability level more efficiently than traditional, linear exams.


This more precise evaluation enables us to reduce the maximum exam administration time from 6 hours to 3 hours, and it reduces the items necessary to accurately assess a candidate’s ability from 250 items on a linear, fixed-form exam to as little as 100 items on the CISSP CAT exam.


The exam content outline and passing standard for both versions of the examination are exactly the same. Each candidate will be assessed on the same content and must demonstrate the same level of competency regardless of the exam format.


CISSP exams in all other languages, as well as all CISSP concentration exams, are delivered as linear, fixed-form exams.

Our training helps you fully prepare for this cybersecurity certification. You will:

- Review, refresh and expand your information security knowledge (including information security concepts and industry best practices).

- Identify areas you need to study for the CISSP exam.

You can expect an in-depth review of the eight domains of the CISSP CBK — including discussion of industry best practices and timely security concepts.


(ISC)² authorized instructors lead all our training. You’re learning from CISSP-certified industry experts who understand you. They are CISSPs themselves. They know how to make the content highly relatable. And they go through a rigorous process to teach to (ISC)² CBK.

The following materials are included in the official student’s kits:

- Official (ISC)² Guide to the CISSP CBK

The Official (ISC)² Guide to the CISSP CBK, Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive study of the refreshed eight domains. This book covers the most current topics in the information security industry today and includes numerous illustrated examples and practical exercises are included in this book to demonstrate concepts and real-life scenarios.

- Official CISSP Flash Cards

Study for the CISSP exam anytime, anywhere with Official CISSP Flash Cards! This unique, interactive way tests your knowledge of industry terms while providing you with immediate feedback about whether or not your answer is correct.

- 125 Assessment Questions

These questions are intended to assess your knowledge and progress, as part of your preparation for test-day.