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Certification // Official CompTIA Security + // Certification // Official CompTIA Security + //



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About the certification

Security+ certification confirms the skills and knowledge of the beginner in the field of information security.

It is an essential qualification for people working +Security in infrastructures: operating systems or communication, and especially for those who plan to continue developing a career in the fields of information security.

It is a global and reliable certification that verifies knowledge CompTIA Security+ certification and skills in security free of vendor influence.

As a benchmark for IT practices, this certification covers the essential principles of IT network security recommended in security.

IT and risk management - and is an important springboard of a security career Security is of paramount importance to organizations such as cloud computing and mobile devices.

These IT technologies have changed the way we do business.

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Program purpose

The track is designed to enable successful compliance with the +Security test. At the end of the course, you will know basic security concepts. You will know, understand, and identify the tools, methods and techniques used in security management, including:

Security threats and vulnerabilities, network security, application, data, and server management, access control, authentication, and account management, certificate management, compliance and operational security, risk management, security incident management, security incident response, security incident recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, And you can describe to solve problems of security issues.

The +Security program is essential for anyone who wants to start making their way in the cyber world.

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Target audience

This course is intended for IT professionals, who have knowledge of networks and network management skills, familiarity with operating systems in addition to Windows, such as the Mac OSX®, Unix, or Linux operating system, and those who wish to advance in IT by acquiring basic knowledge of information security issues or prepare for the CompTIA Security + certification exam.

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Admission conditions

Previous background in networks / system / development: reading in English, basic use of a computer, graduate of 12 years of study (or approved by the exception committee), personal interview with track manager.

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Format and nature of studies

Frontal at college campus

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See Security is known as a college with the highest level of study, conducted in a social and cooperative learning atmosphere. The professionals, IT managers in Israel and employers of all kinds, are well acquainted with the college and its demands from the students and prefer to take in the ranks of graduates who have been filtered, trained, and tested through their studies in the college.

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Curriculum Tasks

80% attendance

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Study Divisions

  • Candidates are encouraged to use this document to help prepare for the CompTIA
  • Security+ (SY0-601) certification exam. The CompTIA Security+ certification exam will
  • verify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to:

- Assess the security posture of an enterprise environment and recommend

and implement appropriate security solutions

- Monitor and secure hybrid environments, including cloud, mobile, and IoT

- Operate with an awareness of applicable laws and policies, including

principles of governance, risk, and compliance

- Identify, analyze, and respond to security events and incidents

  • This is equivalent to two years of hands-on experience working in a security/systems administrator job role.
  • These content examples are meant to clarify the test objectives and should not be
  • construed as a comprehensive listing of all the content of this examination.
  • CompTIA exams result from subject matter expert workshops and industry-wide survey
  • results regarding the skills and knowledge required of an IT professional.
  • CompTIA Certifications, LLC is not affiliated with and does not authorize, endorse or condone utilizing any
  • content provided by unauthorized third-party training sites (aka “brain dumps”). Individuals who utilize
  • such materials in preparation for any CompTIA examination will have their certifications revoked and be
  • suspended from future testing in accordance with the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. In an effort to more
  • clearly communicate CompTIA’s exam policies on use of unauthorized study materials, CompTIA directs
  • all certification candidates to the CompTIA Certification Exam Policies. Please review all CompTIA policies
  • before beginning the study process for any CompTIA exam. Candidates will be required to abide by the
  • CompTIA Candidate Agreement. If a candidate has a question as to whether study materials are considered
  • unauthorized (aka “brain dumps”), he/she should contact CompTIA at examsecurity@comptia.org to confirm.
  • The lists of examples provided in bulleted format are not exhaustive lists. Other examples of
  • technologies, processes, or tasks pertaining to each objective may also be included on the exam
  • although not listed or covered in this objectives document. CompTIA is constantly reviewing the
  • content of our exams and updating test questions to be sure our exams are current, and the security
  • of the questions is protected. When necessary, we will publish updated exams based on testing
  • exam objectives. Please know that all related exam preparation materials will still be valid.

Required exam SY0-601

Number of questions Maximum of 90

Types of questions Multiple-choice and performance-based

Length of test 90 minutes

Recommended experience • At least 2 years of work experience

 in IT systems administration with

 a focus on security

 • Hands-on technical information security experience

 • Broad knowledge of security concepts

Passing score 750 (on a scale of 100–900)

DOMAIN                                   PERCENTAGE OF EXAMINATION

1.0 Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities   24%

2.0 Architecture and Design                     21%

3.0 Implementation                                  25%

4.0 Operations and Incident Response   16%

5.0 Governance, Risk, and Compliance    14%

Total                                                         100%