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About the curriculum

Cyber Defense Technology Managers (Integrators) course deals with technical cybersecurity areas related to the implementation, operation, maintenance and management of products and solutions. The implementor (or integrator) is required to deal with multi-layer protection systems on different levels, such as: Web resource protection through Web Application Firewall; Database protection through Database Firewall; Infrastructure protection through IPS, Anti-Malware and Sandbox; End-Point Protection via HIPS and Endpoint Security; Mail-Channel Protection through Mail Relay and more. 

This is of course separate from other security-enabled systems, such as Incident Response, Credential Monitor and Control Teams, and more, which operate in synergy within the organization.


The most common role in information security environments is the cyber applicator (integrator), but unfortunately, the abundance of technologies and the abundance of existing manufacturers cause a challenge: a sharp shortage of advanced professionals to manage the cybersecurity technologies used by the organizations.


Even though there are many manufacturers in the industry, they do not distribute study programs for their products, except during purchase, and yet - sparingly. 

This program is designed to train professionals to reduce the serious shortage of excellent professionals, who can provide a solution while thoroughly familiar with multi-layered protection systems.

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Program Purpose

To train cyber defense technology managers (integrators) through comprehensive theoretical and deep learning, combined with rich practice in professional hands-on laboratories.

Provide crucial threshold training for working as a cybersecurity technologies implementor.

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Format and nature of studies

Twice a week on Sundays and Tuesdays, between 17:30-21:30, each week - one session broadcast live + a frontal meeting at the college campus.


Scope of the program hours: 200 academic hours and 200 hours of home training.


Duration: 6 months.

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Cost of the course

Duration: Approximately 6 months. 15,500 NIS + 400 NIS Registration Fee

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Admission conditions

Extensive knowledge of Windows Servers management, networks management, Linux (basics). 

Read in English, graduate of 12 years of study (or with the approval of the Exceptions Committee), standing in a personal interview with Avi Weisman, college CEO.


Also suitable for graduates of SOC Analyst, cyber fundamentals, and network managers course, with the approval of the pedagogical manager.

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Target Audience

The program is intended for those who wish to specialize in cybersecurity applications (integrators) or who wish to upgrade to an advanced cybersecurity technological profession and are required to present an official certificate, as a prerequisite for continuing to a higher position.


Also suitable for graduates of the SOC Analyst course, cyber fundamentals, and network managers, with the approval of the pedagogical manager.

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Curriculum Tasks

80% attendance

A score of 70% in the submitted assignments 

Extensive Practice in class and home (Hands-on Computer Labs).

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Study Divisions

  • Introducing the world of Cybersecurity and case studies
  • Basics of cyber and information security
  • Cryptography Crash Course (Enrichment)
  • Introduction to dealing with cyber threats
  • Introduction to mitre methodology, user authentication and attack techniques
  • Network security and component security
  • Introduction to Firewall
  • Information security engines - UTM
  • Sandbox and other services - Fortigate Firewall
  • Security of wireless networks, Mail Relay
  • Security positions and operating systems
  • Hardening of operating systems and servers - emphasis on ACTIVE DIRECTORY and GPO
  • Hardening Linux systems
  • Technological tools (EDR/ANTI-VIRUS) - installations and operation
  • Summary exercise: SYSTEM SECURITY
  • Regular Expressions - Powershell Scripting
  • The world of cyber and information security incidents
  • Concepts and definitions
  • Tools and technologies
  • Introducing the SOC world
  • Introducing SIEM systems
  • An overview of cloud and hybrid environments
  • SIEM systems in the cloud


Cyber Security Pratitioner - Integrator

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CSP Graduates - Class #9